Our Service

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Our Service

We are showing our strong capabilities in moving documents and non document shipments in Indonesia and international. Our door to door service has become the main driver of gaining our customer satisfaction. Find out how we extend our service in professional cargo handling, trucking, and charter handling for your heavier shipments and special requirements.

Find out how we find our dedicated international partner for the accessibilities and shipment security from clearance  relocation and until delivery.

ATW performance to response to the needs of urgency and importance of shipments. Our selected teamwork has been continuously delivering commitment on priority and package service, same day delivery service and city courier service.

Land Transport

Discover our land transportation to simplify your heavier weight cargo movement. Regular land transport provides consolidated cargo service for safe and secure delivery within standard transit time.

Charter land transport extends special transport to meet customer’s need in unique shipment weight and size break, from vans, wing box, and low bed to container trucks with our safe and secure vehicle standard.

Ocean Freight

Discover our ocean freight service to ease your specific needs with agreed delivery time.

Fast boat commits shipments for time deinite needs in major Indonesia’s archipelago including Kalimantan and Sulawesi for mining and oil and gas sectors, and Batam for manufacture sector.

Regular boats run LCL, FCL and break bulk service. Find out how we find and agree with service commitment with our local and international business partners. A commitment to provide information on shipping schedule, shipment monitoring and delivery update in fast and accurate manners.

Air Freight

Discover our customer satisfying service with our domestic and international network. Unique concerns in speed and shipping budget have become our opportunity to provide you with agreed transit time commitment and our competitive price, which definitely does not mean cutting corner.

Our check points explain standard and performance quality in every shipment stage. From shipment booking, pick up, document process, transporting, clearance, until delivery phase takes place. our high service commitments applies to your door to door air express service and special projects that require special handling and freight charter.

City Courier

Discover ATW’s high service performance in city courier. We paved our service standard in delivering document and non-document shipments with a measurable chart telling our delivery service compliance. Having received customers’s success story with us, and potential referrers, we continuously supports banks, e-commerce and SMEs.



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